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Posted by Kim Dobson on Feb 20, 2013



February Birthdays

13th-A special "93rd"
bd to Carl Meurk

14th-Bill Andrews 

15th-Billie Moksnes 

18th-Kyoko Kimura 

25th-Michael O'Dwyer


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Rotary Club of Kihei-Wailea

Luncheon Meeting at Mulligan's on the Blue 

 February 20, 2013   



Meeting was called to order by President Joe (Welcome Back Joe...We Missed You) and the Pledge of Allegiance was led by Don Gross at 12:07 p.m.







It was great to see honorary member Fran Meshulam. Also, we were honored to welcome Judy McCorkle, President of the Wailuku Rotary, Billie Moksnes’ sister Joanna from Montana, and Debra Harris. Kohala Mais Margaret, Ralph, and Paul were recognized. Milton Rolle from Minot, North Dakota said goodbye, this being his fifth and last “makeup” here on Maui. Mark Stein, President of a South Dakota club, was in Maui for the first time. Also, we welcomed Mark Stein from Watertown, SD, Jim Satterwhile from Madison Ct, Elizabeth Braden and Dan Gieruszak from Walkerton On.



Image  Image

Flags were exchanged with the visitors from South Dakota and Alaska. 



Kula Mixed Greens, Beef and Vegetable Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Vegetable Fried Rice, Sauteed Island Vegetables and Brownies! 



President Joe shared his recent experience in Washington, D.C. at the National Prayer Breakfast. His first thought was appreciation for this country’s peaceful transfer of power which has been the case for over 200 years. Also, he reported that the Prayer Breakfast had an attendance of about 3,500 with 800 of those being leaders including the President, the Cabinet, the Supreme Court, the military and both houses of Congress. Quite an impressive gathering in every way!




President Joe thanked Stuart for covering for him at many many meetings in Joe’s absence. Stuart announced that we’d be working on the Lokelani school garden project tomorrow. Also, he told us to get ready for MARCH MADNESS on March 31!


Auction Items are needed for March Madness!  Please see Kim if you can contribute. 

Judy McCorkle of the Wailuku Club encouraged us to attend the Club’s LOBSTERFEST this coming Sunday, February 24, at the MACC. Tickets are available through the MACC. The event features N’Orleans style DIXIELAND music and everyone should arrive dressed to party!

Susan announced she’ll organize a work day in the Honokowai Valley, likely in April.



Image Image


Image  Image

Most exciting was the opportunity to welcome Ed and Ethel Belway who looked great and are still hoping for the best, as are many club members who recognized them with Happy Dollars. Ed says he’s happy he’s getting better. Susan was happy to spend time this morning with Adah and her daughter and grandson. Judy McCorkle is happy and hopeful for the lobsterfest Sunday. Milton Roll gave five happy dollars for his final makeup with our club.




Image Image 



Ron Harris gave a tremendous presentation about his trip to Viet Nam on a Photographers’ Tour led by a gentleman he met in Maui in the process of photographing historic churches. Small world. And the highlight of the presentation was indeed the PHOTOS!

His tour began in Ho Chi Minh City and his photographs emphasized the variety of religious practices; the prevalence of motor bikes; the copious amounts of fresh food available; and the friendliness of the people. Ron shared some fascinating history about Viet Nam when Russia ceased to support the country, due in large measure to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism in general. In reaction to that, Viet Nam’s leaders organized to establish a form of capitalism.

And he shared some fascinating observations on the economic system, such as how the rice paddies work. The government owns the land but the people have a strong village structure which makes local decisions. We saw a “floating market” in the Mekong Delta and Ron stressed the Vietnamese high level of private enterprise.

As beautiful and novel as it was, Ron reports that they have a big issue with pollution and trash. The waters are very polluted and the trash is piled up, overrunning the bins.

However, as he told us many times, the people are beautiful!

He shared photographs of kids working in a silkworm production area, of the full moon festival, of a fishing village with kids in a school yard; of rowing a boat with one’s feet, and of course of a water buffalo. The people use everything, even to the point of straightening out old rusty nails for further use.

Ron showed us how to cross a street in town when the motorbikes are bearing down: Look at the bikers at an angle, without direct eye contact, so that they don’t know you’ve seen them. One interesting urban area had thirty-six streets, each street selling one product. So there was a street of ropes, one of hardware stores, one of shoes. Name it.

What a trip! Thank you, Ron, for your commentary and intriguing observations. 

Please visit Ron's website-www.ronharrisphotography to see all his amazing photos.  


Image Image 


Margaret's number was drawn this week...unfortunately  her marble was not magic. Ron Harris did win Fred's Mexican Cafe gift certs. 


We concluded with the 4 way (+1) test  




Club Duties 


One of the Five Avenues of Service: Club Service

February 27, 2013


Set-up:  Heather Ballaine

Greeter/Inspiration:  Carol Perry

Cash/chg:  Kim Dobson

Audio/Video:  Stuart Karlan

Photographer:  Cynthia Clark

Minutes: Heather Ballaine

Magic Marble:  Larry Shapiro 

Breakdown:  Ronni Sofaly 

March 6, 2013


Set-up:  James Calandra

Greeter/Inspiration:  Roni Sofaly

Cash/chg:  Frank Schuster

Audio/Video:  Stuart Karlan

Photographer:  Cynthia Clark

Minutes:  Billie Moksnes

Magic Marble:  Larry Shapiro 

Breakdown:  Steve Moksnes 


March 13, 2013

Set-up:  Carol Perry

Greeter/Inspiration:  Jim Calandra

Cash/chg:  Kim Dobson

Audio/Video:  Stuart Karlan

Photographer:  Cynthia Clark

Minutes: Carol Perry

Magic Marble:  Larry Shapiro 

Breakdown:  Larry Shapiro 






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June-Adah Askew 

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